About Us

Our History

Superior Management Solutions was established in 2011.  We have had exponential growth in the Midwest region.  We started with 1 location in 2011 and have expanded into 8 branches across the country.  We are currently looking to expand past the Midwest and also expand with in Kansas City.

Who We Are

Superior Management Solutions is an in-store marketing and advertising company. We have a unique vision for reaching consumers, allowing our clients to maximize each and every store visit. Our in-store marketing campaign has developed unique programs to captivate consumers, reaching them where it matters most: In-store. Our programs help educate and inform consumers as purchase decisions are being made.

What Separates Us

Management Training Program

Be sure to check out our Award Winning Management Training Program and see if we have the career for you.

Helpful Support Team

Our support team is dedicated to and takes pride in helping you every step of the way.

Social Media

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